Monday, August 30, 2010

Minerva at Cornelia St

A big thanks to everyone who came to Minerva's show at Cornelia St last week! It's such a pleasure to play at a venue with a good piano and a receptive listening audience. It's actually a little intimidating how quiet it gets in there! I've gotten so used to playing in noisy bars, which is I guess where jazz has traditionally been played all along. I heard Paul Motian remark in an interview once about how playing at the Village Vanguard has changed so much since the 50's and 60's. It used to have more of a casual cafe atmosphere, with people talking (just listen to Bill Evans "Sunday at the Vanguard"), and Motian even said that he preferred that informal vibe to the reverent silence that reigns during performances at the Vanguard now.
I can appreciate both settings, I guess it depends on the music. Sometimes when I see a great band at the Tea Lounge, I get frustrated that people are on their laptops with headphones on while these musicians are playing their asses off. And other times, a dead serious listening space like the Stone can feel a little stifling.
But I digress. Minerva did a recording project in July, and we are starting work towards releasing our first CD! Stay tuned....

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