Monday, February 17, 2014

You give experimental music a bad name (bad name)

The NY Times ran a brief profile on the Stone recently titled "In the Church of Difficult Music." Whew, that's sure to drum up some more business for the last bastion of experimental music in Manhattan! It's true that a lot of the music played at the Stone is not for everyone, but I really take issue with typecasting it all as "difficult", a word too often thrown at contemporary music. Why can't they try a word like "adventurous"? Also, there's such a wide variety of music at the Stone, they make it sound like every night there's some crazy unlistenable avant garde ceremony taking place.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hello blog my old friend, I've come to write on you again.

Denizens of the interweb, witness my triumphant return to the blog-o-sphere!

So what's been going on since my last post in.....September 2013???

First and most importantly: I GOT MARRIED!

Secondly: I MOVED! Alas, the sweetheart deal I had on my Greenpoint apartment couldn't last forever, especially with the neighborhood becoming more and more Williamsburg-ized. We're now living happily in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. So many musicians in this hood! Adam and Phil from Old Time Musketry live blocks away, Jesse Stacken lives down the street, and I bump into more people on a daily basis all the time.

But some musical activity has also been percolating! I have a recording coming out soon with a new project called Waver, a collaboration with sound artist Michael Clemow. We've been working on an improvisational project for piano and live-sampling electronics on and off for a year or so. Mike samples what I play in real time and manipulates the sound through his computer and sonic adventures ensue. The music ranges from cinematic ambient soundscapes to intense bursts of fractured electronic sound. Stay tuned for news about a CD release show!

Old Time Musketry went into the studio in November to record our second album, the long awaited follow up to our critically acclaimed first album, Different Times.

I'm also planning to start doing some solo piano shows again, and for the first time ever I'm going to include some classical pieces!