Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Live Videos

I just posted 2 recent live clips on Vimeo. The first is NOOK performing at Glasslands, and the second is Put A Motor In Yourself performing at Matchless.
In HD! Enjoy.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Benefit show at Glasslands

Last Saturday I took part in a very memorable concert at Glasslands, playing with NOOK and Abby Payne. The concert was organized mostly by Abby as a benefit for two local animal shelters, BARC (Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition) and NYACC (New York Animal Care Control). Several local Brooklyn businesses very generously donated items for a raffle drawing; Cafe Grumpy, Dandelion Wine, Babeland, and Alter, to name a few. There was also great performances by the People's Champs, and Hurrah! A Bolt of Light!. Thanks to everyone who came out to support a good cause (and live music) in one fell swoop!
Here's a link to a video of NOOK performing at the event. Dig the cosmic stage backdrop!