Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hearing Things in the studio

Hearing Things went into the studio to start tracking our first full length album! So far the only recorded music we have is a 45-inch single we made before going on tour with Will Butler. It's now available through our Bandcamp page. Get yours now, they're sure to be collectible someday!

I brought both of my Yahama organs to the studio, here they are like a happy family.

The recording was done at BC Studios in Brooklyn, very cool place, slightly spooky vibe. I've heard rumors that it's haunted. Matt kind of looks like a ghost with a saxophone in this photo.

We found some old tapes lying in a pile that on closer inspection were from John Zorn's 1988 recording "Spy Vs. Spy". There were even little notes on the boxes about the different tapes with comments like "John didn't like it." 

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