Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Different Times" is now available!

Old Time Musketry's debut album "Different Times" has been released on the new SteepleChase LookOut label! We're very happy to be included in one of the first batches of releases on this new branch of SteepleChase Records, one of the largest and most enduring independent jazz labels.

The album is now available for purchase here:

CD from Amazon

MP3 Download from Amazon

MP3 Download from ITunes

If you purchase from Amazon, please consider posting a review, we appreciate it!

We're playing at Caffe Vivaldi tomorrow night at 9:30pm, and will have CD's available at the show! It's our first gig in a while and we'll be debuting a new song.

The CD features beautiful art by our longtime associate, the very talented Connie Wang.

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