Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stravinsky's "Grand Choral"

Igor Stravinsky's "L'Histoire du Soldat" is a piece that I keep coming back to and I always find more to love about it. Whenever I get obsessed with a piece of music I always want to play it to try to absorb it as fully as possible. "Soldat" is written for the unusual (and awesome) instrumentation of trombone, bassoon, clarinet, bass, cornet, violin and percussion. I've transcribed small parts of "Soldat" for piano, partly inspired by Christopher O'Riley's incredible arrangements. There's a movement in the form of a chorale, but Stravinsky-ified, flouting the rules of voice leading and producing something that sounds ancient and modern simultaneously.
This is an arrangement using overdubbed tracks of accordion playing each voice.

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